An informed guest is a happy guest, and below you will find a list of the questions we’ve been asked over the years, along with answers to some online comments.


A: We guarantee our rates are the lowest on the market.

*Accommodation Types:

Double/Twin bedroom for two people;
Family Suite for two adults and two children;
Studio with kitchenette for two people;
One-bedroom house with kitchenette for two or three people;
Two-bedroom house with kitchenette for four people;
Two-bedroom house with kitchen for four or five people;
Three-bedroom house with kitchen for six to nine people.


A: Casa Agrícola da Levada is a small family hotel and our Reception is not open 24 hours. Check-in is in the coffee/tea room of Casa da Trepadeira from 2 PM to 8 PM. If you arrive after 8 PM, it is possible to organize an automatic check-in. Please contact us in advance.

We request that guests return their keys by 11.30 AM.


A: Not yet, unfortunately. None of our bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible. Some of our accommodation is more suitable for people with particular mobility requirements. Please inform us of your needs when you book.

A: Yes, we have 4G. As most houses in Levada have granite walls 1 m/3 feet deep, the connection is not always stable unless you’re by a window or doorway. For large data transfers, the Reception area has the strongest signal.

A: No. We only get extreme heat for a few weeks in the summer. All rooms and houses have thick walls (some are nearly 1 m/3 feet deep) and double-glazed windows, and it is possible to remain cool like the locals do: keeping all doors and windows closed from early morning, before the midday heat. All houses are equipped with fans.

A: Yes, all rooms and houses have hairdryers.

A: All houses, studios and suites have TV, but only some of the Main House rooms have one. Please let us know at the time of booking if you require a TV.

A: Yes, our accommodation varies considerably. In the houses and studios, we had ample freedom to renovate with the comfort of our guest in mind. In the Main House, we chose to maintain many of the original features, so as not to ruin the façade and elegance of the house. The Main House was completed in 1922 in the style of architect Raul Lino, and combines traditional materials with decorative elements such as the small windows with detailed ironwork, whereas the Houses and Studios have larger windows. We recommend booking a House or Studio if having abundant natural light is a priority for you. Another feature in the Main House are the low ceilings. We realise this is a problem for our taller guests. We would love it if the house height had increased with the average population height over the years! If this is an issue, we recommend booking a Studio or House, with 3 m/9-foot-high ceiling. Another feature of the Main House is that the furniture, tiling, porcelains and almost all objects reflect a historical period. When our family decided to open the doors of the Main House to guests, we effectively opened a time capsule. Many of our guests enjoy this journey back in time and it is one of the reasons they stay with us. If you require a more modern arrangement, we recommend our recently- renovated independent houses. If in doubt, please compare accommodation images here. Some guests have noted that the hot water takes a while to reach the taps. The Main House pipes are wide in diameter, as was customary a century ago, and the plumbing system isn’t closed. We ask our early bird guests to please wait a little while, with our apologies! We waste an estimated 35 litres of water daily due to this issue. The dilemma is the amount of water and resources we would use if we replaced the plumbing, redid the ceilings and rebuilt the bathrooms. The independent houses have a modern plumbing system that prevents wastage.

A: By looking at our photos, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are located in the countryside. Please verify our location before completing your booking. You will find it on the initial page of this site, “Finding Us”.  Casa Agrícola da Levada is located on the urban circuit of Vila Real, capital of the province of Trás-os-Montes, with a population of 30,000. We are the city’s largest privately-owned green area, with 6.7 hectares/16.5 acres hidden behind 4,000 trees. Most (but not all) of the car noise is muffled by the trees. All rooms have double-glazing and no outside noise can be heard. Some comments mentioned a motorway next to the property, but that is not the case. The A4 motorway connecting Bragança to Porto is 7 km/4 miles away from da Levada; the closest road to Levada is an access road to Vila Real Norte.

A: After a long day of photosynthesis, trees rest and redistribute glucose so they can resume photosynthesis in the morning. For this reason, we use dim yellow LED night lights and switch them off at midnight. The whole property is safe, but tripping on a step leading to your accommodation is always a possibility. We have flashlights available at Reception for guests staying in the more remote houses.


A: Breakfast is included for guests staying in the Main House and is enjoyed from 8.30 AM to 10.30 AM. Our simple and natural buffet breakfast consists mainly of organic produce from Levada and local farmers. All fruit and jams are Levada’s own and our cake, biscuits and granola are lovingly made fresh daily.

A: By request, guests staying in self-catering accommodation are also welcome to enjoy our breakfast when served in the courtyard. To see the menu, please click here. You need to book the day before. Houses and studios with a kitchenette are equipped with a kettle, coffee machine and toaster. Continuing the medieval tradition of sharing bread with neighbours as a token of friendship, we offer our self-catering guests fresh bread daily. In our non-profit Honesty Shop, you will find items to complement your breakfast, such as butter, fruit juices, cheese, prosciutto, jams and honey. By request and for the additional rate of 18€/2 people, we deliver breakfast baskets to your house from 8.30 AM to 9 AM. If interested, the menu is here.

A: Our Honesty Shop is open 9 AM-8 PM and has an excellent selection of wines and local produce from surrounding farms. You can also acquire everyday items you might need, such as toiletries. Please write down the items you’ve helped yourself to and they will be added to your final bill.

A: We do not have a restaurant, but there are some good ones within walking distance. We can prepare picnic baskets, local delicacy baskets and even occasional meals. Prices vary according to the ingredients and number of people. Talk to us! In the summer months, from 6 PM to 8 PM, we have a snack service available in the main courtyard, with local delicacies and soup made with veggies from our garden. Our Honesty Shop has an excellent selection of Douro and Port wines to complement your meal.

A: Our Delicacy Basket includes local pastries like the cristas de galo (convent sweets) and covilhetes (meat pies), terrincho cheese, crackers, homemade bread, water (still or sparkling) and a good white or red Douro wine. In our Picnic Basket, you will find a delicious homemade bola de carne (an 800 g charcuterie pie), ideal for restoring your energy between adventures in the Alvão Nature Reserve. Please see the menus by clicking here.


A: Children are most welcome at Casa Agrícola da Levada. Four our younger guests, we have Wendy houses full of toys, affording parents a break in the adjacent courtyard. We have paints, traditional games, bicycles and a book and video library. Your children will love the swimming pool, of course. But please take care: you will need to supervise them at all times.

A: Levada is a family-friendly eco-hotel. That being said, we understand that some guests may wish to enjoy a quieter time at the pool, and our advice is to try before noon. The busiest time is around 5 PM.


A: Well-behaved pets are welcome at Casa Agrícola da Levada, but that have additional cost of 15 euros per night. We understand that pets belong to your family but we ask for your understanding if it is necessary to limit the number of animals on the property for the safety of all guests. In order to maintain everyone’s safety and well-being, we would appreciate it if you let us know if you intend to bring your pet and tell us about breed and weight. Please note that our staff does not enter homes when pets are alone. We remind you that in public spaces, as stated in the law, pets must always be on a leash.

Things to do at Levada

A: The pools are cleaned year-round, but they are unheated. Guests can enjoy it at any time of the year if they don’t mind the water temperature. Pool chairs are laid out from mid-June to mid-September. You can enjoy the pool 9.30 AM-8 PM.

A: Children are most welcome at Casa Agrícola da Levada. Four our younger guests, we have Wendy houses full of toys, affording parents a break in the adjacent courtyard. We have paints, traditional games, bicycles and a book and video library. Your children will love the swimming pool, of course. But please take care: you will need to supervise them at all times.

A: We have bicycles you can borrow to ride inside Levada and mountain bikes for hire for 20€/day.

Things to do outside Levada

A: No, Casa Agrícola da Levada is on the bank of the Corgo River, a tributary of the Douro. The Douro runs through Peso da Régua, 20 km/12 miles from Levada, and Pinhão, 40 km/24 miles from Levada. The Douro Wine Region was classified as UNESCO World Heritage in 2001. It spans 26,000 hectares/65,000 acres and includes Vila Real. See our Must Do Douro for a loop tour of the Douro Valley which includes our main sights and activities. If you are driving and wish to follow the Forbes route, Casa Agrícola da Levada is conveniently located for the following destinations: 1 hr 10 min from Porto town centre; 5 min from the Palácio de Mateus; 20 min from Quinta da Gaivosa; about 40 min from DOC restaurant/Quinta do Tedo/Quinta do Panascal; and 1 hr 10 min from São João da Pesqueira.

A: Vila Real is conveniently located if you are visiting the Douro Valley, the Alvão Nature Reserve and the Palácio de Mateus. The city’s highlights can be found here: Things to Do Locally. We recommend a visit on market days, Tuesday and Friday mornings, when locals from the surrounding villages come to sell their wares and buy what they need. The hustle and bustle award the city a unique atmosphere as it continues to resist gentrification.

A: Most of our guests who visit the Douro or the Alvão Nature Reserve have trouble with the signage… or lack thereof. To address this, we have made customized maps and detailed checklists, our Must Do Lists, available for free when you check in and also here for the Nature Reserve [Must Do Alvão] and the Douro Valley [Must Do Douro]. Several local companies provide tours of the Douro and Alvão with guides and drivers. If this more relaxing option interests you, please email us for details at casadalevada@gmail.com