about Levada

Casa Agrícola da Levada is an eco-estate on the bank of the Corgo River, in Vila Real. We have been a tourism unit since 1992, with five rooms and nine independent houses, classified as Turismo de Habitação (TER: 7124). We were awarded the ABAE Green Key ecological certification in 2019.

We are surrounded by forest, river, terraced gardens, vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens. Our earthy, floral and fruity aromas delight our guests on a hike or bike ride.
Casa Agrícola da Levada is an edible garden that feeds our family and our guests, as well as birds, insects and the plethora of beings that make up our biosphere.

Boasting almost 7 hectares/17 acres nestled between the Douro Valley and the Alvão Nature Reserve, Levada is the largest private green space inside the Vila Real urban area. Our guests have so much to explore in the area! See our page Things to Do to find out more.